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25 Tip Bina Growth Mindet


25 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

1. Acknowledge and embrace imperfections.

2. View challenges as opportunities.

3. Try different learning tactics.

4. Follow the research on brain plasticity.

5. Replace the word “failing” with the word “learning.”

6. Stop seeking approval.

7. Value the process over the end result.

8. Cultivate a sense of purpose.

9. Celebrate growth with others.

10. Emphasise growth over speed.

11. Reward actions, not traits.

12. Redefine “genius.”

13. Portray criticism as positive.

14. Dissassociate improvement from failure.

15. Provide regular opportunities for reflection.

16. Place effort before talent.

17. Highlight the relationship between learning and “brain training.”

18. Cultivate grit.

19. Abandon the image.

20. Use the word “yet.”

21. Learn from other people’s mistakes.

22. Make a new goal for every goal accomplished.

23. Take risks in the company of others.

24. Think realistically about time and effort.

25. Take ownership over your attitude.

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